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Played with a friend, had a lot of fun!

i'm glad this game brought you together!


Took a bit to understand the mechanics (which are deeper than expected at first glance), nice bit of fun. Beat Boss Wave 2, #3 is ... challenging

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Love the concept, I'm not that good at it but I very much dig it :D
EDIT: getting better at it, past wave 3 now :)

Being able to skip replays would be nice tho


I loved this game. I'm not amazing at it but it's a lot of fun. I recorded some gameplay footage of it, hopefully to get more eyes on the game, idk


thank you for recording footage of the game!

is wave 3 even possible

you might need to hold Ctrl to move frame-by-frame (which consumes Precision Points)

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Fun game, but damn that bullet hitbox is BIG


This is really, really good. It needs some spit and polish, but there's the core of something unique and great here. The full-speed replays are a great touch.


Love the unique game mechanics in your game. This was so much fun to play! Thanks for creating/sharing it.

thank you, that means a lot to me!